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Akkerdal Estate is situated in the picturesque Franschhoek valley.

Nestled between majestic mountains, breathtaking views with oak trees and the constant flowing Berg river… a perfect territory and ambience for an artist to live his dream.

Owner and wine maker Pieter Hanekom, says wine making is part of the Hanekom family heritage and culture, and an essential part of the good life.

At Akkerdal the focus is on icon red wines. At this artisan winery, unique world red wine blends are being mass produced. We believe that the finest wines emanate from quality grapes. With ingredients like enthusiasm, dedication, quality and immense passion it is inevitable for Akkerdal wines to be in a class of its own.

Accept this as an invitation to share and enjoy the perfected bottled art and poetry of Akkerdal Estate.

Pieter Hanekom

Owner and wine maker, Pieter Hanekom, began experimenting with wine making during his high school career. He developed an intense enthusiasm for wine making and empowered his knowledge and skills by travelling to France and Spain.

The techniques and knowledge of the French wine masters set the stage and motivated him to become a distinguished wine maker.

His creativity and enthusiasm grew from strength to strength and today Akkerdal produces award winning wines.

Pieter’s inner senses and unique style allowed him to create one masterpiece after the other when Akkerdal Merlot, Petit Noir, Wild Boar and Passion White and Red saw the light. Kallie’s Dream (a Rhone blend) is a tribute to Pieter’s late father and role model, Kallie Hanekom, who printed the footsteps in which Pieter would follow.

Wine making is part of the Hanekom heritage and culture and an essential part of good life.