Kallie’s Dream – For the love of my Father

Every Father’s Day , I automatically start yearning more for the company of my deceased father Kallie.

Not only did we share a deep personal bond,  he was also my best friend. To be honest everything I still do and accolade I receive, I still dedicate to him

Some of this bond was rooted in our shared  love of the soil and winemaking, which is not surprising considering the fact that our ancestors started wine farming at the foothills of the Franschhoek Mountains in 1714.

So come Father’s Day,  I will once againhave a glass of Kallie’s Dream (named after him) under the luscious oak trees on our farm, and just reflect for a while about how blessed I have been to have him as a Dad.

I invite you to join me wherever you are, in toasting your Dad too with a glass of Kallie’s Dream. Some may be gone, but never forgotten.

Kallie’s Dream has a unique warming noble varietal blend, intertwined with layers of complexity, which to me resembles the special relationship I had with my dad. Akkerdal is situated in the beautiful Franschhoek Valley, surrounded by the constant flow of the Berg River and by panoramic mountains.

Pieter Hanekom is the owner-winemaker of Akkerdal whose passion and energy resulted in many award winning wines, handcrafted in the estate’s boutique wine cellar and aged in French and American Oak barrels.